IP lawyers

Intellectual property (IP) lawyers and attorneys provide legal assistance on matters related to intellectual property.

Because of how broad the field of IP is , lawyers tend to specialise in one particular area. This specialization is often due to their accumulated experience in terms of technology segment or IP asset class like copyrights, trademarks or patents.

IP insurance

Intellectual property (IP) insurers provide policies that enable you to cover the costs of legal proceedings resulting from IP disputes.These proceedings include both offensive and defensive actions. 

IP insurance is a key necessary component of the overall strategy for businesses that heavily rely on their IP assets , because of the high cost associated with litigations.

IP Brokers

Intellectual property (IP) brokers are the  middlemen that help mediate different IP related transactions, such as  purchase , license, marketing of IP and sale.

IP brokers are specialists with a depth of knowledge and network within a particular IP asset or technology segment . IP brokers are an important component  within the fragmented markets of intellectual property.

IP Valuation providers

Intangible assets like IP are more complex to value , hence the need of specialise firms and services providers is critical to deliver

acceptable valuation. These providers are divided between big accounting firms and specialist valuation boutiques. Valuations are necessary before obtaining financing or engaging in licensing, assignment or sale of the IP asset.